Welcomes you to...

Whistler - British Columbia - Canada!

Our concept to create the Resort Simulation 'Whistler'

Originally began two years prior to the

2010 Winter Olympic Games that were held in Whistler...

Over 10 years ago.

You might say, this project has been our passion...

We thought...

Everyone should be able to...

Experience being an Olympic Athlete...

Then we thought...

Let's do it !

Resort simulations allow the user to...

Experience the resort prior to arriving

Causing deja vu...

Now, with Augmented Reality (AR)...

Entities in the stand alone video game...

Can also be in the exact same spot in the real world.

This adds a whole new dimension to Reality...

Digital Marketing Simulations of real places can...

Be made available for all Platforms including;

All Mobile devices (AR)

Augmented Reality (AR)

Virtual Reality (VR)

Mixed Reality (MR)

Marketing Simulations can include:

In-Game Statistical Analytics

Extend Customers Retention

Web Linking & Real World Data

Sponsor & In-Game Advertising

Real Satellite Imagery & Architectural Data

Help to break International Cultural Barriers

Advanced Data Mining w/ Predictive modeling

Advertising, Marketing / Identify Player Behavior

Create different Language Versions for emerging Markets

Of course usefulness begins and continues...

From the project design phase to

maintenance after project completion.

Then through the lifecycle used for

suite rental and project sale.

A simulation can help with the

decision process from beginning to end.

TerraSame uses the "Unity 3d" cross platform game engine,

developed by Unity Technologies, along with Vuforia

to provide Industry-Leading Multiplatform Support.

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Simulations - Visualizations - Presentations

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NOTE: The pictures above are from our new 2018 Version yet to be released.

The downloads & Movie below are from our old 2016 Version.

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This product is very high quality and may not run on older devices.

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