TS Demo Logo

TS Demo Logo

TerraSame uses the "Unity 3d" cross platform game engine developed by
Unity Technologies to create simulations
and video games for PC's, consoles and mobile devices. We also provide teaching, training and consultation.

Product Capabilities:

In-Game Statistical Analytics
Extended Customers Retention
Web Linking & Real World Data
Sponsor & In-Game Advertising
Real Satellite Imagery & Architectural Data
Help to break International Cultural Barriers
Advanced Data Mining w/ Predictive modeling
Advertising, Marketing / Identify Player Behavior
Winter Version - Highlight Winter Sport Activities
Summer Version - Highlight Summer Sport Activities
Create different Language Versions for emerging Markets
3d Dynamic Web Site Interfaced with your Web Site & Face Book

Whether you are looking for assistance and consulting to create a new
App or an all purpose design team to build a project for you and your corporation,
TerraSame can help you  through your decision process to completion of your project.

TerraSame Virtual Worlds - Emerging Technology Leaders
Serving the Globe since 2000