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This project is Augmented Reality (AR) soon to also be for the HoloLens.
Click here and print this picture to work with the AR aspect.

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AR, MR, HoloLens
Product Marketing Template
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TerraSame welcomes you. Here we have a video showcasing our new AR / MR / HoloLens Sales & Marketing Template showing the majority of the features. One feature not shown is that while viewing a product, the user can touch/click on any model and a browser launches taking the user to a web page. This template, of course, can easily be modified to suit your needs by revising all the models and branding. We use the Unity Game Engine in concert with the Vuforia add on allowing for clean augmented and Mixed Reality projects. Just recently, Vuforia released a new video showing the capabilities as well. At the end of the video you can see the HoloLens interface. Watch their video
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