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  The TS BIMx Template has been designed for AEC VDC BIM Designers to quickly &
effectively create real world photo realistic 3d Virtual replicas (using Unity 3d software)
of their architectural and engineering designs that enable all parties involved to experience
the design and through the in project main menu teleportation can take place to quickly
move to desired locations.

This template has been designed where graphics and models can simply be switched out
for new projects and it is BIM enabled with a TerraSame "X'tra...
All objects can have data directory download or be web directional.
Thus, sharing information between parties exists in a simple easy format
allowing for zero loss of information and data input is minimized to save on production costs.
 Try this system in our Demo by clicking on the 'Rock" or clicking on the hanging pictures in the building.
Click on the "About" button for the in game tutorial and watch our YouTube videos for assistance.
Contact TerraSame for information on how to get your BIMx Template.

BIMx Template Attributes

- Complete Unity Project, simply switch out building & terrain models & adjust menu.

- Revisable menu all set up for teleporting to multiple project locations or multiple project levels.

- New "X"tra Bim system allowing the designer to house all component cut sheet data etc in a zip folder on a server where in-game users can click on any component to instantly download all product pertinent data. With this system info can be easily shared and zero input time thereby reducing manpower and possible errors and omissions.

- Along with the "X"tra system described above, a link system has been designed where the user can also click on components and be immediately directed to defined web pages.

- Camera systems all laid out for multiple platforms plus VR and future MR.

- A complete in game tutorial explaining how to switch out graphics etc built into an in-game power point that also can be edited with project or company info added.

- In-Game Link dropdown system in the project allowing for instant internet linking to company pages.

- In Game Splash Screen for each level.

- YouTube Tutorials yet to be completed.
- In Game BIM access system yet to be designed and completed.

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