TS Demo Logo

TS Demo Logo

TerraSame creates simulations and interactive visualizations.

We also partner with organizations to create
HoloLens ready Applications

Paul the CEO of TerraSame creates accurate 3d Virtual and
Interactive Architectural and Engineering  3d Computer Simulations & Visualizations.
At the very young age of 5 he began teaching himself technical illustration and started drawing three dimensional sketches, orthographic & isometric projections, cut away views and exploded views, even before he knew the technical terms.
Paul now has over 30 years of experience in the fields of
Architecture, Engineering & Training and has traveled and worked in the USA from the east coast to the west coast and on one occasion worked over seas in the country of Norway. Through his company TerraSame, Paul provides teaching, training, corporate consultation and focuses on partnering with organizations
 interested in creating projects using new and emerging technology.

In Paul's spare time for relaxation he studies what he calls "Universal Geometry",
what others call "Sacred Geometry", such as the Fibonacci Sequence,
the Golden Ratio and the relationships between the two and how
these relationships pertain to life from the cellular level to the universal level.

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